March 4, 2006 | Science News



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    China's deserts expand with population growth

    Carried forward by winds and sandstorms, the dunes of northern China are expanding at an unprecedented rate, primarily because of human activities that have contributed to erosion.
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    Chasing a stellar blast

    An exploding star recently discovered in a nearby galaxy may be a milestone in the study of type 1a supernovas.
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    Making the most of chip fabrication

    An advance in the way microelectronic circuit patterns are created may help preserve conventional chip-making methods beyond the currently predicted date of their demise.
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    Tiny ticker

    Researchers have demonstrated that they can control how frequently a DNA-based nanodevice changes between two forms.
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    Saving Sturgeon

    Sturgeon species around the world are in trouble, which is why humans will increasingly be stepping in to give them a big assist.
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    Eat Smart

    Your daily diet may have an impact on your brain's resiliency in the face of injury or disease.
    12 years ago