Vol. 171 No. #19
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More Stories from the May 12, 2007 issue

  1. Alzheimer’s marker yields blood test

    Studies in mice suggest that it could be possible to screen blood for early, asymptomatic Alzheimer's disease.

  2. Cancer patients aided by yoga

    In breast cancer patients, practicing yoga appears to reduce both depression and biochemical markers of inflammation.

  3. Health & Medicine

    This trick boosts cancer’s spread

    A compound that helps keep cells organized and stitched into tissues may play a role in the survival of cancer cells that have seeded distant tissues in the body.

  4. Health & Medicine

    A smart pill for seniors?

    A dietary supplement combo boosts older adults' performance on simple mental tests.

  5. Animals

    Sex—perhaps a good idea after all

    A family of mites may be the first animal lineage shown to have abandoned sexual reproduction and then reevolved it millions of years later.

  6. Humans

    Lethal injection is inhumane, say researchers

    Prisoners killed by lethal injection may be conscious and experience pain and burning sensations while they asphyxiate.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Risk Factor: Throat cancer linked to virus spread by sex

    Cancer of the throat and tonsils can arise from infection with a sexually transmitted virus.

  8. No Place Like Om: Meditation training puts oomph into attention

    Intensive meditation training boosts a person's control over attention and expands a person's ability to notice rapidly presented items.

  9. Physics

    Degrees of Quantumness: Shades of gray in particle-wave duality

    Light can be made to act as if it's composed of particles, waves, or something in between.

  10. Astronomy

    Stellar Spectacular: Brightest supernova

    Astronomers have discovered the brightest stellar explosion ever observed, and it could be the first example of a rare type of supernova involving a freakishly massive star.

  11. Cells’ Root: Adult stem cells have a master gene

    Scientists have found a master gene that allows tissue-regenerating stem cells to retain their regenerative capacity.

  12. Physics

    Invisible Trail: Analyzing the vortices in the wake of a bat

    Flying bat generate lift and thrust with their wings much differently than birds do.

  13. Humans

    Extreme Encyclopedia: Every living thing will get its own page

    A consortium of museums and laboratories has unveiled plans to create a free, Web-based Encyclopedia of Life with an entry for every living species.

  14. Physics

    The Hunt for Antihelium

    Scientists have been searching about 30 years for a single nucleus of helium made from antimatter, and although the discovery would imply that whole antimatter galaxies exist, the researchers' time could be running out.

  15. Animals

    Egg Shell Game

    Birds apparently cheat chance when it comes to laying eggs that contain sons or daughters.

  16. Humans

    Letters from the May 12, 2007, issue of Science News

    Saw right through it E. Fred Schubert and his colleagues are to be congratulated for developing an improved antireflective coating (“The New Black: A nanoscale coating reflects almost no light,” SN: 3/3/07, p. 132). But the coating would not make a lens “absorb” more light. Rather, it would help the lens “propagate” the light. Nathaniel […]