October 19, 2013 | Science News


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  • Science Visualized

    Twin primes

    Mathematicians have conjectured since Euclid’s time that there are infinite pairs of prime numbers.
  • It's Alive

    Vampire reality check

    A vampire bat drinks one meal a night, and missing just three nights in a row would probably kill the animal.
  • The –est

    Biggest volcano hulks deep

    Tamu Massif forms a broad, rounded dome rising about 4 kilometers from the seafloor and stretching 450 by 650 kilometers across.
  • Science Stats

    Funding slide

    U.S. federal spending on science has decreased sharply since 2010. Scientists are feeling the crunch.
  • The List

    Science states

    The following U.S. states report the highest percentages of their workers employed in science and engineering jobs:


    1. D.C. (10.7%)

    2. Maryland (7.0%)

    3. Massachusetts (6.4%)

    4. Virginia (6.2%)

    5. Colorado (6.1%)


    Source: National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics 2013

  • Letters to the Editor


    Readers respond to our stories 'Distracted Driving' and 'Ratio of a good life exposed as ‘nonsense’'