Vol. 184
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More Stories from the October 5, 2013 issue

  1. Health & Medicine

    Gut-brain communication failure may spur overeating

    Restoring a depleted molecule in obese mice repaired their abnormal response to food.

  2. Astronomy

    Pictures of young star show unusual outbursts

    Ejections from stellar newborn move faster and in different directions than astronomers thought.

  3. Life

    Bacteria can cause pain on their own

    Microbes caused discomfort in mice by activating nerves, not the immune system.

  4. Animals

    For sheep horns, bigger is not better

    Trade-offs between studliness and survival keep less endowed sheep in the mix.

  5. Astronomy

    To determine stars’ physical traits, Kepler sees the light

    Measuring stellar brightness can yield useful estimates of stars' size and evolutionary stage, and help in the hunt for planets.

  6. Astronomy

    ‘Space beads’ push back origins of iron working

    Ancient Egyptians used advanced techniques to make beads out of 'metal from the sky.'

  7. Psychology

    Behavioral research may overstate results

    'Soft' sciences inflate support for what scientists expected to find, data check suggests.

  8. Humans

    Babies learn words before birth

    Brain responses suggest infants can distinguish distinct words from altered versions that they learned in the womb.

  9. Life

    A fight between gut parasites means a win for people

    Worms and Giardia can antagonize each other in the human intestinal tract, study of people in the Amazon suggests.

  10. Life

    Flu antibodies can make disease worse

    Pigs vaccinated against one influenza virus got lung damage if infected with another strain.

  11. Climate

    Global warming hiatus tied to cooler temps in Pacific

    Average air temperatures' rise has paused, but not stopped, because of normal variation in ocean temperatures.

  12. Psychology

    Poverty may tax thinking abilities

    Scarce funds reduce mental abilities of U.S. shoppers and Indian farmers, experiments suggest.

  13. Astronomy

    The sun’s older twin, 250 light-years away

    Almost twice as ancient, the distant star gives a glimpse of the sun's future.

  14. Animals

    Traveling with elders helps whooping cranes fly straight

    Rare data show birds get more efficient the more they migrate along route between Wisconsin and Florida.

  15. Climate

    No more Superstorm Sandys expected for a long time

    Future conditions less likely to steer hurricanes directly into the East Coast, analysis suggests.

  16. Health & Medicine

    Test could warn of problems for kidney transplant recipients

    A urine test for an immune protein might tell doctors whether a patient is headed for trouble.

  17. Animals

    New fungus species found killing salamanders

    First there was amphibian killer fungus Bd. Now there's Bs.

  18. Neuroscience

    Video game sharpens up elderly brains

    Adults over 60 who played for several hours a month beat untrained 20-year-olds in racing game.

  19. Animals

    Rats induced into hibernation-like state

    Injection of compound causes animals to slow heartbeat, lower body temperature.

  20. Health & Medicine

    Gut infections keep mice lean

    Bacteria can invade one rodent from another, preventing both from getting fat.

  21. Health & Medicine

    Device offers promise of no brain tumor left behind

    A new technique might allow surgeons to identify with precision where brain cancer ends and healthy tissue begins.

  22. Humans

    Babies perk up to sounds of ancient hazards

    Evolution has primed infants to focus on noises linked to longstanding dangers, a new study finds.

  23. Chemistry

    Meteorite that fell last year contains surprising molecules

    Compounds in space rocks like the one that broke up over California may have helped seed life on Earth.

  24. Health & Medicine

    Fructose may be key to weight gain

    Mice that could not make or metabolize the sugar gained less weight than normal mice.

  25. Math

    Thinking In Numbers

    On Life, Love, Meaning, and Math by Daniel Tammet.

  26. Space

    Exploring Earth’s alien spaces

    Nathalie Cabrol, a planetary geologist and astrobiologist at the SETI Institute’s Carl Sagan Center and NASA’s Ames Research Center, both in Mountain View, Calif., hunts for alien life.

  27. Life

    Dangerous Digs

    By properly managing a tumor cell’s microenvironment, cancer researchers are making cancer something people live with, not die from.

  28. Environment

    Cool Idea

    While nations concede a pressing need for attacking carbon dioxide emissions, other pollutants offer quicker paybacks.

  29. Life

    Letters to the editor

    Sleepless on a schedule, Edison's rubbery discovery and monogamy not just for men.

  30. Science & Society

    Coming soon: Science News any way you want it

    On October 2, we will launch a new and expanded Science News website. And starting with the October 19 issue, all print subscribers will have access to a new iPad version of Science News, at no additional charge. You’ll also notice a smart new look for the magazine.

  31. Cosmology

    Huge Galactic Explosion

    An excerpt from the October 5, 1963, issue of Science News Letter.

  32. Animals

    Cat Sense

    How the New Feline Science Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet by John Bradshaw.