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More Stories from the October 23, 2010 issue

  1. Tech

    To tame traffic, go with the flow

    Lights should respond to cars, a study concludes, not the other way around.

  2. Tech

    A compass that lights the way

    Researchers develop a highly sensitive optical instrument for measuring magnetic fields.

  3. Planetary Science

    Life’s cold start

    Primordial molecules could have replicated themselves in a slushy place, new experiments suggest.

  4. Humans

    Clues to child sacrifices found in Inca building

    Children killed in elaborate rituals were drawn from all over the South American empire, new research suggests.

  5. Life

    X-rays in 3-D show nanosized details

    A new X-ray microscope technique peers inside materials to reveal their inner nature.

  6. Tech

    Everything really is relative

    Two tabletop experiments demonstrate the time-warping principle at the human scale.

  7. Life

    Lone Star cats rescue cousins in Sunshine State

    Florida panther numbers have tripled since the introduction of females from Texas injected vital genetic diversity, a new report says.

  8. Humans

    Neandertals blasted out of existence, archaeologists propose

    An eruption may have wiped out Neandertals in Europe and western Asia, clearing the region for Stone Age Homo sapiens.

  9. Tech

    Tiny tools aren’t toys

    Enzyme-based machinery could have medical applications.

  10. Life

    A salty tail

    Just adding sodium can stimulate limb regrowth in tadpoles, a study finds, raising the possibility that human tissue might respond to relatively simple treatment.

  11. Physics

    Glacier found to be deeply cracked

    A new study finds deep fissures in Alaska ice that could affect future responses to melting.

  12. Life

    A thousand points of height

    A study finds heaps of genetic variants that influence a person’s stature, but even added together they don’t stack up to much.

  13. Space

    Distant world could support life

    For the first time, astronomers detect a planet beyond the solar system with the potential to be habitable.

  14. Life

    Massive count a drop in the bucket

    As the decade-long Census of Marine Life totes up thousands of new species, it leaves much yet to discover in the world’s oceans.

  15. Science & Society

    2010 Nobels recognize potential of basic science to shape the world

  16. Science Future for October 23, 2010

  17. Vitamin D is essential to the modern indoor lifestyle

  18. Life

    The unusual suspects

    With no obvious culprit in sight, geneticists do broader sweeps to identify autism’s causes.

  19. Life

    An oceanic endeavor

    Marine census catalogs creatures that roam all corners of the seas.

  20. Cosmic dioramas

  21. Letters

  22. Science Past from the issue of October 22, 1960

  23. The Weather of the Future by Heidi Cullen