September 9, 2000 | Science News

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    Greenland ice variation appears normal

    Changes in snowfall observed in parts of southern Greenland between 1978 and 1988 appear to be normal if gauged against the variations recorded in ice cores over the past 400 years.
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    Cooking up a key chemical of life

    Researchers have simulated the conditions and ingredients found at hydrothermal vents to create pyruvic acid, an organic chemical vital for cellular metabolism.
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    Show me the data

    A debate has broken out over whether neuroscientists should share the voluminous data that they generate in their experiments.
    15 years ago
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    Traumas trip up inner-city girls

    Inner-city teenage girls may often experience a severe stress reaction that makes it more difficult for them to succeed in school.
    15 years ago
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    Taking a census of brown dwarfs

    Researchers have completed the most thorough census to date of brown dwarfs in stellar clusters and have confirmed earlier findings about these failed stars.
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    Through the Looking Glass

    A proposed universe of unseen material, where every ordinary particle has a shadowy counterpart, could explain several conundrums in cosmology.