1. Physics

    Science Stimulus

    Researchers look to the new administration to bring fresh perspectives to health, energy, climate policy and science funding.

  2. Climate

    Obama’s budget would boost science

    Featured blog: Here's a preview of what science programs the Obama administration plans to push in the coming year's federal budget.

  3. Climate

    Hot carbon storage

    New field studies show Africa’s tropical forests have stored carbon in recent decades.

  4. Humans

    AAAS: Climate-friendly fish

    Many intangibles determine how big — or small — the carbon footprint is of that fish you're thinking about eating.

  5. Earth

    AAAS: Climate-friendly dining … meats

    The carbon footprints of raising livestock for food.

  6. Climate

    The hidden costs of better fuels

    Whether crop-based biofuels will reduce greenhouse gas emissions depends on how, and where, they're grown.

  7. Humans

    AAAS: March of the Hungry Penguins

    Patagonian penguins have become sentinels of climate change and human impacts on the marine world.

  8. Earth

    First wave

    The presidents of two island nations draft escape plans, anticipating sea level rise.

  9. Climate

    Plumes of arctic haze traced to Russia, Kazakhstan

    Smoke from forest fires, agricultural burning may be substantial part of springtime plumes.

  10. Climate

    Winter birds shift north

    More than 170 common North American species are wintering farther north than they did in the past.

  11. Earth

    California may yet get the first greenhouse gas limits for cars

    President Obama decides to revisit a controversial decision made less than a year ago by his predecessor.

  12. Tech

    Stimulus bill doesn’t ignore R&D

    Featured blog: Here's where the economic-stimulus bill would attempt to revamp and reinvigorate federally financed research.