1. Life

    Protect biodiversity hot spots and the rest will follow

  2. Climate

    Fixing Climate: What Past Climate Changes Reveal About the Current Threat— And How to Counter It by Wallace S. Broecker and Robert Kunzig

    Hill and Wang, 2008, 253 p., $25.

  3. Climate

    Climate change stifling lemmings

    Warmer winter temperatures are altering the snowpack, squelching the rodents’ population booms.

  4. Archaeology

    Really Cool History

    Tales of the black band: Clues to a 4,200-year-old mystery lie frozen in icy records stored atop Mt. Kilimanjaro.

  5. Climate

    Eggs, Tea and Mr. IPCC

    Even jet-lagged, the world's lead climate negotiator took time out to brief a few reporters.

  6. Climate

    The News Climate

    Whether people choose to peruse news — and where — may explain what role science plays in shaping public opinion on global warming.

  7. Climate

    Cooling climate ‘consensus’ of 1970s never was

    Myth often cited by global warming skeptics debunked.

  8. Climate

    Glacier melts are erasing climate record

    Featured blog: As glaciers continue to dry up, so does any hope of gleaning information from them about the past climate record.

  9. Life

    Climate warms, creatures head for the hills

    Unusual data let scientists test predictions that global warming drives species up slopes.

  10. Chemistry

    Fluorescent bulbs offer mercury advantage

    Featured blog: Switching to light bulbs that contain mercury might, surprisingly, reduce overall mercury releases to the environment. Plus, what to do when you break your fluorescent bulb.

  11. Climate

    (Political) party animals

    Featured blog: When it comes to attitudes about climate change, the chasm between Democrats and Republicans is wide. Political-polling analysts speculate that a McCain win in November might do more than an Obama victory to win over the minds of climate-change skeptics.

  12. Climate

    Energy: Apollo-like Program Needed

    Big action and big bucks are needed to deal with the United States' energy problems, research leaders argued today.