1. Computing

    Calculating Cartoons

    Thanks to sophisticated computer simulations of the laws of physics, spectacular special effects—plus a zoo of strange but real-looking creatures—increasingly enliven movie screens and computer-game consoles.

  2. Computing

    Sneaky Calculations

    The same communication system that brings you the Web page of your choice can be exploited to perform computations.

  3. Computing

    Computer paints a charged bioportrait

    By employing a novel computational strategy, researchers have mapped the electrical landscape of biological molecules made up of more than 1 million atoms.

  4. Computing

    New initiatives scale up supercomputing

    Several government efforts aim to give researchers access to computing power in the range of 12 trillion operations per second or more.

  5. Computing

    Web worms: Code Red to Warhol

    Using an efficient infection strategy, a malicious programmer could deploy a rogue computer program far more voracious than the Code Red worm that struck on July 19.

  6. Computing

    Motif for Infection

    A novel computer program pinpoints proteins of troublesome bacteria.

  7. Computing

    Automatic Professor Machine

  8. Computing

    Making the Macintosh