1. Tech

    A chip made with carbon nanotubes, not silicon, marks a computing milestone

    Silicon’s reign in cutting-edge electronics may soon over. The carbon nanotube could be its successor.

  2. Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence has now pretty much conquered poker

    A new artificial intelligence called Pluribus is a real card shark at six-player no-limit Texas Hold’em.

  3. Artificial Intelligence

    AI can learn real-world skills from playing StarCraft and Minecraft

    By playing StarCraft and Minecraft, artificial intelligence is learning how to collaborate and adapt.

  4. Science & Society

    Facebook data show how many people left Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

    Conventional surveys can’t track migration after natural disasters in real time. But Facebook data may provide a crude estimate of those who flee.

  5. Math

    Mathematicians may have found the fastest way to multiply huge numbers

    A new theoretical method for multiplying enormous figures appears to achieve a speed first predicted decades ago.

  6. Earth

    A new algorithm could help protect planes from damaging volcanic ash

    A computer program that tracks the temperature and height of clouds in the atmosphere could keep planes away from volcanic ash.

  7. Computing

    Virtual avatars learned cartwheels and other stunts from videos of people

    A new computer system that lets animated characters learn acrobatic skills from videos could be a cheaper alternative to traditional motion capture.

  8. Computing

    A new computer program generates eerily realistic fake videos

    It’s getting harder to tell fact from fiction — even on camera.

  9. Computing

    Solving problems by computer just got a lot faster

    A new computer program sifts through all possible solutions to find the best answer to a given problem far faster than other algorithms.

  10. Math

    ‘Weird Math’ aims to connect numbers and equations to the real world

    The book Weird Math attempts to make chaos theory, higher dimensions and other concepts more relatable.

  11. Computing

    Are computers better than people at predicting who will commit another crime?

    If crime-predicting computer programs aren’t any more accurate than human guesswork, do they still have a place in the criminal justice system?

  12. Artificial Intelligence

    ‘Machines That Think’ predicts the future of artificial intelligence

    In a new book, an artificial intelligence expert explores AI’s past, present and future.