1. Environment

    Atomic ant sand

    Robb Hermes asked for sand ants to get samples of Trinitite, a material created in the test blasts of the first atomic bomb.

  2. Chemistry

    High methane in drinking water near fracking sites

    Well construction and geology may both play a role in pollution.

  3. Coves del Drac

    Cave detective hunts for clues to past sea level

  4. Environment

    Big drain on groundwater

    Overuse of freshwater supplies poses risks.

  5. Environment

    Elevated carbon dioxide may impair reasoning

    Insufficient ventilation allows exhaled gas to build up indoors, diminishing decision-making abilities.

  6. Animals

    Classic sooty-moth tale bolstered by new results

    A scientist’s six-year backyard experiment strengthens the scenario for evolutionary changes due to industrial pollution.

  7. Science & Society

    Methane from BP spill goes missing

    Latest sampling suggests either that microbes have already devoured the most abundant hydrocarbon produced by the leak — or that researchers have simply lost track of it.

  8. Environment

    Gases dominate Gulf’s subsea plumes

    Shipboard experiments in June show that natural gas dominates the Gulf oil plumes and that its components are the favorite choice of microbes.

  9. Environment

    Destination brain

  10. Chemistry

    Concerns over bisphenol A continue to grow

    Recent research finds that the hormone mimic may be more prevalent and more harmful than previously thought, highlighting why BPA is a growing worry for policy makers.

  11. Ecosystems

    Aspiring to Save the Planet

    The failure of the G-8 Summit to put some teeth in greenhouse-gas limits suggests it may be time for a global climate czar.

  12. Environment

    Down with Carbon

    Scientists are exploring strategies for capturing carbon dioxide and storing it safely away in order to limit the levels of that greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.