1. Environment

    Artists’ sunsets may reveal past pollution

    The colors artists used in the sunsets of their paintings may provide clues to what was circulating in the air hundreds of years ago.

  2. Environment

    Handling receipts increases exposure to BPA

    People who handle cash register receipts printed on thermal paper show notable exposure to bisphenol A.

  3. Environment

    Legionnaires’ disease bacteria lurk in tap water

    Found in nearly half of faucets, contamination could explain sporadic cases of disease.

  4. Oceans

    Unknowns linger for sea mining

    Scientists struggle to predict underwater digs’ effects on sea life.

  5. Environment

    How oil breaks fish hearts

    Hydrocarbons that spill into oceans stifle the beat of tuna cardiac cells.

  6. Animals

    Windows may kill up to 988 million birds a year in the United States

    Single-family homes and low-rise buildings do much more damage than skyscrapers.

  7. Agriculture

    Some bioenergy crops are greener than others

    In the Upper Midwest, switchgrass trumps maize at boosting ecological health.

  8. Chemistry

    Battery blueprint promises green energy storage

    A device that relies on organic molecules could cheaply bank power from renewable sources.

  9. Environment

    Protein fibers trap greenhouse gas

    The method could scrub exhaust from cars and power plants.

  10. Environment

    Stillbirth rates tied to lead in drinking water

    Fetal death rates rose in Washington, D.C., in parallel with two recent spikes in drinking water’s lead levels.

  11. Environment

    World’s worst polluted

    A new report by Green Cross Switzerland and the Blacksmith Institute lists places posing the greatest risk to human health.

  12. Ecosystems

    Online map tracks forest shifts from space

    By layering more than 650,000 satellite images onto a Google map, researchers have created a new tool to track forest cover.