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    Peptide puts mouse arthritis out of joint

    A compound called vasointestinal peptide, which binds to immune system T cells and macrophages, thwarts arthritis in mice.

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    Epileptic seizures may be predictable

    Patterns of mild electrical disturbance in the brains of epilepsy patients appear to foreshadow a seizure hours before its onset.

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    Anthrax Threat

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    Novel typhoid vaccine surpasses old ones

    A new vaccine links a sugar molecule found on the surface of the bacterium that causes typhoid fever with a genetically engineered version of the exotoxin protein, which arouses the immune system to churn out antibodies against the bacterium.

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    Germ-killing plastic wrap

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    Vitaminlike compound eases rare disorder

    A vitaminlike substance called coenzyme Q10 helps people with familial cerebellar ataxia, a hereditary disorder that damages the spine and the part of the brain responsible for coordination.

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    Blood markers of clogging arteries emerge

    The concentration in blood of one chemically transformed cholesterol-carrying molecule may signal to doctors when a patient's heart disease has dangerously worsened.

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    Natural antidepressant has its limits

    St. John's wort, a popular ingredient in herbal remedies, may not help people with moderate or severe forms of depression.

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    Infections tied to head and neck cancers

    Infections from human papillomavirus (HPV) may increase the risk of certain cancers of the head and neck, especially of the tonsils.

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    Boosting Boron Could Be Healthful

    Largely ignored so far, dietary boron may play important roles in preventing diseases such as arthritis and prostate cancer.

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    Fatty Findings

    A recently discovered protein may explain at least part of the molecular mechanisms behind links among obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even some cancers.

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    Vitamin E targets dangerous inflammation