Materials Science

  1. Tech

    A new kind of spray is loaded with microscopic electronic sensors

    For the first time, researchers have built circuits on microscopic chips that can be mixed into an aerosol spray.

  2. Materials Science

    Designer diamonds could one day help build a quantum internet

    A new design in artificial diamonds stores and releases quantum information better than others.

  3. Tech

    A new 3-D printer builds temporary electronics on your skin

    A new 3-D printer that tracks and compensates for your slightest twitch can precisely print simple electronic devices onto your skin.

  4. Tech

    Future smart clothes could pack serious gadgetry

    Casual daywear may someday contain some serious tech. But engineers have to take conventional electronics and make them comfortable to wear.

  5. Environment

    This plastic can be recycled over and over and over again

    A new kind of polymer is fully recyclable: It breaks down into the exact same molecules that it came from.

  6. Materials Science

    A new plastic film glows to flag food contaminated with dangerous microbes

    Plastic patches that glow when they touch some types of bacteria could be built into food packaging to reduce the spread of foodborne illness.

  7. Microbes

    This material uses energy from ambient light to kill hospital superbugs

    A quantum dot–powered material could help reduce the number of hospital-acquired infections, including those with drug-resistant bacteria.

  8. Materials Science

    Toxic chemicals turn a new material from porous to protective

    A new material switches from a comfortable, breathable form to a sealed-up, protective state when exposed to dangerous chemicals.

  9. Materials Science

    Eggshell nanostructure protects a chick and helps it hatch

    The nanoscale structure of a chicken eggshell changes to fulfill different functions as the egg incubates.

  10. Materials Science

    Live heart cells make this material shift color like a chameleon

    A new material made of heart cells from rats and hydrogel changes color as the living cells contract and relax.

  11. Life

    Earwigs take origami to extremes to fold their wings

    Stretchy joints let earwig wings flip quickly between folded and unfurled.

  12. Physics

    Give double-layer graphene a twist and it superconducts

    When graphene layers are twisted to a “magic angle,” the material superconducts.