Materials Science

  1. Materials Science

    Magnets make a new soft metamaterial stiffen up in a flash

    Scientists can dial the stiffness of a bizarre new type of synthetic material up or down using magnets.

  2. Materials Science

    Questions about toxic red tides, and more reader feedback

    Readers had inquiries about a new deicing material, harmful algal blooms and more.

  3. Physics

    Vanadium dioxide’s weird phase transition just got weirder

    When shifting from one crystalline structure to another, the atoms inside vanadium dioxide bumble around a lot more than expected.

  4. Materials Science

    This reflective paint could keep sunbaked buildings cool

    A new type of polymer coating that reflects sunlight to control heat could supplement or replace air conditioning systems.

  5. Materials Science

    High-tech ‘skins’ turn everyday objects into robots

    Robotic skins turn inanimate objects into multipurpose machines.

  6. Materials Science

    Here’s how graphene could make future electronics superfast

    Graphene-based electronics that operate at terahertz frequencies would be much speedier successors to today’s silicon-based devices.

  7. Physics

    A new hydrogen-rich compound may be a record-breaking superconductor

    The record for the highest-temperature superconductor may be toast.

  8. Materials Science

    A new material harnesses light to deice surfaces

    A new sun-powered material could someday melt the ice off airplane wings, wind turbines and rooftops.

  9. Physics

    Here’s how to bend spaghetti to your will

    Researchers have discovered how to snap spaghetti sticks without sending bits of pasta flying.

  10. Chemistry

    See the ‘periodic table’ of molecular knots

    A new table of knots points the way to twisting molecules in increasingly complex pretzels.

  11. Materials Science

    A filter that turns saltwater into freshwater just got an upgrade

    Smoothing out a material used in desalination filters could help combat worldwide water shortages.

  12. Physics

    Strange metals are even weirder than scientists thought

    Some strange metals are odd in more ways than one, and that could help scientists understand high-temperature superconductors.