1. Life

    Book Review: The Root of Thought: Unlocking Glia–The Brain Cell That Will Help Us Sharpen Our Wits, Heal Injury, and Treat Brain Disease by Andrew Koob

    Review by Tina Hesman Saey.

  2. Neuroscience

    Book Review: Deep Brain Stimulation: A New Treatment Shows Promise in the Most Difficult Cases by Jamie Talan

    Review by Nathan Seppa.

  3. Neuroscience

    It’s written all over your face

    To potential mates, your mug may reveal more than you think.

  4. Neuroscience

    Selective memory

    Using genetic engineering and chemical manipulation, scientists erased the memory of a stressful experience from a mouse’s brain.

  5. Neuroscience

    Breaking the Barrier

    A technique combining ultrasound pulses with microbubbles may help scientists move therapeutic drugs across the brain’s protective divide.

  6. Neuroscience

    Highly wired

    Men’s brain tissue shows higher density of neuron connections than similar tissue from women.

  7. Neuroscience

    New insights on new neurons

    Neurogenesis works differently in two parts of the brain. New neurons are necessary for making memories and keep the olfactory bulb’s structure but aren’t needed for smelling, study in mice shows.

  8. Health & Medicine

    Neuron Killers

    Misfolded, clumping proteins evade conviction, but they remain prime suspects in neurodegenerative diseases.

  9. Life

    Astrocytes are rising stars

    Astrocytes, brain cells previously thought to be support cells for neurons, regulate blood flow in the brain and may aid neuron signaling. The regulation of blood flow makes visualizing brain activity with fMRI possible.

  10. Neuroscience

    Restoring Recall: Memories may form and reform, with sleep

    Two new studies indicate that memories, at least for skills learned in a laboratory, undergo a process of storage and restorage that depends critically on sleep.