1. Oceans

    Synthetic lint ends up in oceans

    Microplastics from clothes and other consumer products evade sewage treatment and end up on beaches, studies find.

  2. Earth

    Simulation tracks ocean’s missing heat

    Climate scientists suggest energy is buried deep undersea or released to space.

  3. Animals

    Lionfish no match for big groupers

    Despite its invasive success, the lionfish can't withstand grouper appetites.

  4. Microbes

    Gulf floor fouled by bacterial oil feast

    Observations may explain the widespread mortality of sediment-dwelling animals.

  5. Science & Society

    Methane from BP spill goes missing

    Latest sampling suggests either that microbes have already devoured the most abundant hydrocarbon produced by the leak — or that researchers have simply lost track of it.

  6. Environment

    Gases dominate Gulf’s subsea plumes

    Shipboard experiments in June show that natural gas dominates the Gulf oil plumes and that its components are the favorite choice of microbes.

  7. Science & Society

    Placement of marine reserves is key

    A study finds that focusing on the heaviest-fished areas can help meet conservation goals.

  8. Oceans

    Death by magma

    Widespread extinctions in the world’s oceans millions of years ago may have been triggered by massive underwater volcanic eruptions that created much of the Caribbean seafloor.