1. Physics

    Molding Atoms: Using a tiny template to make tinier structures

    With the help of a molecular mold composed of exactly 188 atoms, researchers have been able to impose textures at an even smaller atomic scale on a metal surface.

  2. Materials Science

    Steely Glaze: Layered electrolytes control corrosion

    Experiments with ultrathin organic coatings applied to steel suggest a new technique for slowing corrosion.

  3. Materials Science

    A Field of Diminutive Daisies

    Researchers have created tiny daisies as a demonstration of a new technique that creates three-dimensional structures from carbon nanotubes.

  4. Materials Science

    Osmium is Forever: Rare metal’s strength humbles mighty diamond’s

    A new route to materials harder than diamond may have opened with the surprising finding that the rare metal osmium resists compression better than diamond does.

  5. Physics

    The Black Hole Next Door

    Microscopic black holes—fleeting replicas of the huge, matter-gobbling ones in space—may be detected soon in our atmosphere and at a big particle collider now being built.

  6. Physics

    Signatures of the Invisible

  7. Physics

    Computer simulates full nuclear blast

    In a classified nuclear-weapon experiment, the world's fastest computer simulated a thermonuclear blast in three dimensions.

  8. Physics

    Magnetism piece fits no-resistance puzzle

    Experimenters have found evidence that a type of magnetic behavior correlated with the onset of zero electrical resistance in some so-called high-temperature superconductors is generic to the whole class of those materials, yielding a possible clue to how the substances lose their resistance.

  9. Physics

    Star in a Jar? Hints of nuclear fusion found—maybe

    In a bench-top experiment, atomic nuclei may have fused inside rapidly imploding bubbles of vapor in a liquid bombarded by sound waves, but many scientists find the evidence for bubble fusion unconvincing.

  10. Materials Science

    Thin Jet Flies Two for One: Double streams yield sheathed nanoballs, fibers

    Researchers have used powerful electric fields to stretch liquids into ultrathin jets in which a stream of one liquid encloses the stream of another.

  11. Materials Science

    Materials Take Wing

    Materials scientists are finding new uses for the billions of pounds of feathers produced each year by the poultry industry.

  12. Physics

    A new way to stick it to flies

    Researchers have measured the amount of static charge that a walking house fly generates.