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    Western views of fat adopted around the world, a link between a messy environment and stereotypes, and more in this week's news

  2. Science & Society

    An update on scientific integrity

    New administration rules are a step in the right direction, but much work remains, says a watchdog group.

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    The sophisticated lives of early North Americans, plus third arms and drunken memories in this week's news.

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    Methane from BP spill goes missing

    Latest sampling suggests either that microbes have already devoured the most abundant hydrocarbon produced by the leak — or that researchers have simply lost track of it.

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    E.T.? No. Arsenic? Yes. Maybe. Hmmm.

    NASA's bacterium news sparks criticism.

  6. Science & Society

    2010 Nobels recognize potential of basic science to shape the world

  7. Agriculture

    A taste of the chocolate genome

    Competing teams have announced the impending completion of the cacao DNA sequence.

  8. Anthropology

    Genome of a chief

    Ancient DNA experts say they are analyzing a lock of Sitting Bull's hair.

  9. Science & Society

    Citation inflation

    Many journals – and the authors who publish their novel data and analyses in them – rely on “impact factors” as a gauge of the importance and prestige of their work. However, a new analysis turns up subtle ways that journals can game the system to artificially inflate their impact factor.

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    Students win big at Intel ISEF 2010

    Global high school science competition concludes with top prizes going to projects on cancer-fighting quantum dots, quantum computer algorithms and computer programming.

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    Intel International Science and Engineering Fair begins

    Young scientists converge in San Jose, Calif., where they will compete for over $4 million in scholarships and prizes.

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    Intel Science Talent Search spotlights America’s whiz kids

    Top winner of the enduring high school science competition takes 2010 prize for work on a space navigation system.