50 Years Ago

  1. From the January 17, 1931, issue

    AN AMERICAN ROMANCE IN STEEL AND STEAM Things mechanical offer the photographer an unlimited field for the exercise of his talents, and the locomotive–romantic and symbolical as it can be made–is especially attractive to him. On the front cover of this week’s SCIENCE NEWS LETTER, Photographer Rittase of Philadelphia has chosen the Boardwalk Flyer of […]

  2. Physics

    From the January 24, 1931, issue

    EINSTEIN DISCUSSES REVOLUTION HE CAUSED IN SCIENTIFIC THOUGHT – By Dr. Albert Einstein From far away I have come to you, but not to strangers. I have come among men who for many years have been true comrades with me in my labors. You, my honored Dr. Michelson, began with this work when I was […]

  3. From the January 10, 1931, issue

    ANTHROPOLOGIST IS ELECTED NEW A.A.A.S. PRESIDENT Dr. Franz Boas, noted anthropologist of Columbia University, was elected president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science for 1931, during the Cleveland meeting. Dr. Boas is one of the leading figures in the field of anthropology. He has been engaged in this work throughout a very […]

  4. From the January 3, 1931, issue

    STRANGE SEA FLOWERS BLOSSOM ON REEF Long ago some observant writer remarked that in the sea, many of the plants look like animals and many of the animals, like plants. Support for this view can easily be found in the strange sea urchin pictured on the cover of this issue of the SCIENCE NEWS LETTER. […]