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Back from the Brink

Psychological treatments for schizophrenia attract renewed interest

10:14am, April 25, 2001

Leslie Greenblat learned she had schizophrenia long after she had begun to hear,

in her words, "thought-voices." She heard them all the time, whether she was

driving, reading, shopping, or talking with friends. The disembodied remarks

seemed to come from someone whose intimidating and demoralizing pronouncements

couldn't be ignored.

Greenblat's condition first landed her in a psychiatric hospital in 1990. Over the

next 3 years, the young woman was briefly hospitalized another dozen times. After

each discharge, she took antipsychotic medications for a few months until the

thought-voices receded. Invariably, however, they returned.

Then Greenblat began psychotherapy with psychiatrist Ann Alaoglu at Chestnut

Lodge, a private psychiatric hospital in Rockville, Md. Although trained as a

psychoanalyst, Alaoglu didn't have Greenblat lie on a couch and dissect her

childhood. Instead, Alaoglu provided a relaxed environm

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