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Change Without Change

New clothes for the modern media climate, but no departure from traditional purpose for Science News

Fourscore and seven years ago, a nonprofit organization called Science Service began providing dispatches to newspapers on news from the world of science. The following year, by popular demand, some of those dispatches were collected and distributed weekly to a wider audience, in the form of typewritten, mimeographed pages carrying the label Science News-Letter.

Four years later — on October 2, 1926 — the news-letter announced its transformation into a magazine. “The Science News-Letter is pleased to appear before you in its new printed dress,” wrote editor Watson Davis. And so its descendant, now Science News, is similarly pleased today. Its “new dress” echoes the pattern of its predecessors: new packages appearing from time to time, all preserving the publication’s original intent — providing the public with timely and accurate reports from the frontiers of scientific research.

From weekly to daily

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