Vol. 173 No. #16
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More Stories from the May 10, 2008 issue

  1. Life

    Rest in peace nanobacteria, you were not alive after all

    New studies bid a fond farewell to nanobacteria -- the extremely tiny “microorganisms” that have sparked controversy and may cause disease.

  2. Agriculture

    Polluted Scents

    Insects and Bats May Face Confusion.

  3. Humans

    Shifting priorities at the wheel

    Multitasking while driving may exceed brain's capacity, a new study finds.

  4. Hobbit wars

    Little islanders did not have a growth disorder

  5. Paleontology

    China was an ancient-ape paradise

    Fossil dig uncovers the oldest known remains of ancestral gibbons

  6. Life

    Elephant kin liked the water

    Moeritherium, ancient relatives of modern elephants, may have spent much of their time in lakes, rivers or swamps.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Triggering autoimmune assaults

    Mouth bacteria unleash inflammation-inducing protein

  8. Agriculture

    Study decodes papaya genome

    Scientists have added another plant to the genome-sequencing roster: the tropical fruit tree papaya.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Old drug offers new tricks for fighting cancer

    A drug once envisioned as a treatment for cancer might instead prevent the occurrence of colorectal cancer.

  10. Earth

    Melt pond falls through ice in Greenland

    A lake of meltwater atop Greenland's ice sheet wedged open a crack in the underlying ice that drained the lake dry.

  11. Space

    Black hole once glowed brightly

    More than 26,000 years ago, the Milky Way's central black hole suddenly but fleetingly increases its X-ray output.

  12. Ecosystems

    Beetle attack overturns forest carbon regime

    Ravaged Canadian region switches from carbon sink to net carbon source.

  13. Space

    Battle over WIMPs goes another round

    Physicists haggle over WIMPS.

  14. Space

    Searching for superEarths

    Astronomers are exploring a new family of planets beyond the solar system.

  15. Ecosystems

    Eight-legged bags of poison

    Birds eating arachnids get high dose of toxic metal as mercury climbs up the food chain.

  16. Humans

    Change Without Change

    New clothes for the modern media climate, but no departure from traditional purpose for Science News.

  17. Environment

    Down with Carbon

    Scientists are exploring strategies for capturing carbon dioxide and storing it safely away in order to limit the levels of that greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

  18. Life

    Twin Fates

    Animal and human studies suggest that a girl with a twin brother may never completely escape the influence of her opposite-sex womb-mate.