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Choosing white or whole-grain bread may depend on what lives in your gut

People’s blood sugar levels respond differently to breads based on mix of microbes

12:18pm, June 6, 2017
types of bread

BAKED IN  People in a new study had individual health responses to eating two types of bread.

Whether standard white bread or an artisanal sourdough loaf is “healthier” depends on the microbes living in a person’s intestines, a new study suggests.

Averaging results from 20 people who ate white and whole wheat sourdough bread for one week each, researchers found no difference in people’s response to the breads, which includes changes in blood sugar levels. But when researchers examined each person individually, a different pattern emerged. Some people’s blood sugar levels climbed more after eating white bread compared with sourdough bread. For others, the opposite was true, the team reports June 6 in Cell Metabolism.

The results are part of a growing body of evidence that nutrition advice should be personalized. Previous work by the same group at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, showed that different people’s responses to eating a variety of

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