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Pesticides linked to Parkinson’s disease, plus more in this week’s news

11:21am, February 19, 2011

Hard rain falling
Human-produced greenhouse gases could be to blame for the increase in heavy rains seen across two-thirds of Northern Hemisphere lands in recent decades. Climate simulations that include the gases’ effects more closely match observations of extreme precipitation between 1951 and 1999 that leave them out, scientists have found. A team led by Seung-Ki Min of Environment Canada in Toronto reports the finding in the Feb. 17 Nature. —Alexandra Witze

Grow those pores
Plants must adapt as atmospheric carbon dioxide levels rise; a new study suggests how they might have done so before. Researchers led by Emmy Lammertsma of Utrecht University in the Netherlands studied leaf fragments and herbarium specimens of nine Florida plant species. Over the past 150 years, all responded to higher carbon dioxide by reducing the amount of water lost through leaf pores, generally b

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