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With easy e-cig access, teen vaping soars

Nearly every state bans sales of vape products to minors, yet kids can readily buy them online

4:30pm, May 17, 2016
man holding vaping liquid

TAKING A HIT  The hit of nicotine that vapers get from each puff on an e-cigarette comes from the liquids vaporized through the device. Some small bottles of these liquids have enough nicotine to kill an adult.

In 2013, nearly three times as many U.S. high school students smoked cigarettes as vaped electronic cigarettes. By 2015, the trend reversed. Nearly twice as many vaped as smoked, a new study finds. For middle school students, the preference for vaping over smoking cigarettes was even stronger (2.3-fold).

Federal researchers analyzed data from the National Youth Tobacco Survey and found that some 2.39 million U.S. high school kids vaped in 2015. Fewer high schoolers, about 1.37 million, smoked cigarettes, the researchers report in the April 15 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Since 2011, teen use of tobacco products has fallen for all categories but two: e-cigarettes and

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