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Right is right for righties, plus trading for better decisions and the human spread to Arabia in this week’s news

6:24pm, May 23, 2011
Trading cognitive declines
Working together may protect older people whose thinking skills are declining from getting burned on investments and other crucial decisions. A computer set-up that allowed a group of seniors to trade shares of political candidates from both parties during the 2008 primaries, much as stocks get traded, cut the financial losses of participants with brain-related problems in decision making, say neuropsychologist Natalie Denburg of the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City and her colleagues. Based on digital transactions, a software program created trading criteria that were automatically used to stop extremely bad trades from being finalized, the researchers report in an upcoming Neuropsychologia. —Bruce Bower

Kids’ good side, bad side
Children take handedness to heart. By ages 5 to 10, right-handers regard the right side of their visual field as better than the left
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