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9:44pm, October 22, 2003

And dot your T's

In the article about infinity ("Infinite Wisdom," SN: 8/30/03, p. 139: Infinite Wisdom), the "stereoscopic" images of tiny squares on page 140 are too far apart to view in the conventional way. However, if the viewer holds the magazine at arm's length and looks cross-eyed at the pair, the diagonal across the square becomes visible.

Robin Frost
Santa Barbara, Calif.

A shaky start?

"Long Ride West: Many western sediments came from Appalachians" (SN: 8/30/03, p. 131: Long Ride West: Many western sediments came from Appalachians) suggests that the most likely transportation system of the sandstone across the continent would have been a river system. Could it have been due to tectonic movement instead?

Edward B. Fan
Upper Marlboro, Md.

Both Utah and the Appalachians are on the North American plate,

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