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Letters to the Editor

Letters from the March 1, 2008, issue of Science News

10:45am, February 25, 2008

Big evolvers

Regarding "Whales Drink Sounds: Hearing may use an ancient path" (SN: 2/9/08, p. 84), I have heard that whales evolved millions of years ago into their present form, including their very large brains. We humans must be relatively recent in terms of our brain structures. Are there data concerning evolutionary development in whales?

Matthew Kabrisky
Dayton, Ohio

"Learning to Listen: How some vertebrates evolved biological sonar" (SN: 5/14/05, p. 314) reviews the evolutionary steps in echolocation development in whales.—Sid Perkins

Want munchies with that?

Regarding "Pot Downer: Marijuana users risk gum disease" (SN: 2/9/08, p. 85), a familiar side effect of marijuana smoking is increased appetite, often for sweet foods. It is doubtful that the marijuana

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