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Letters to the Editor

Letters from the November 12, 2005, issue of Science News

3:01pm, November 8, 2005

Big leap

The pendular running gait described in "Stepping Lightly: New view of how human gaits conserve energy" (SN: 9/17/05, p. 182) as one of the most efficient bipedal gaits looks remarkably like the way eyewitnesses claim Bigfoot creatures move. In a Bigfoot hoax, one might use a gait that is unhuman but energy efficient, as the costume would be rather heavy. On the other hand, since such a gait is energy efficient, perhaps an unknown species of massive primates might have evolved to use it.

Wayne Harris-Wyrick
Oklahoma City, Okla.

Tooth teller

In "Oral Exams: Saliva could produce an alternative for some diagnostic tests" (SN: 9/17/05, p. 187), biologist Paul Denny indicates that if the test of the saliva shows that the young patient is at high risk for developing cavities, then extra precautions could be taken such as sealants and fluoride treatments.

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