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Map reveals the invisible universe of dark matter

The analysis from the Dark Energy Survey comes from observations of 26 million galaxies

7:00am, August 25, 2017
map of dark matter

MATTER MAP  Scientists with the Dark Energy Survey have created the largest map of the universe’s dark matter. Red areas are relatively crammed with dark matter and normal matter, while blue areas are less dense.

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Scientists have created the largest map of dark matter yet, part of a slew of new measurements that help pin down the universe’s dark contents. Covering about a thirtieth of the sky, the map (above) charts the density of both normal matter — the stuff that’s visible — and dark matter, an unidentified but far more abundant substance that pervades the cosmos.

Matter of both types is gravitationally attracted to other matter. That coupling organizes the universe into more empty regions of space (No. 1 below and blue in the map above) surrounded by dense cosmic neighborhoods (No. 2 below and red in the map above).

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