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Obese people can misjudge body size

Survey finds that many overweight individuals consider their body size normal and healthy

3:12pm, November 19, 2009

ORLANDO, Fla. — A new study has found that about 12 percent of people who are classified medically as obese believe they have a healthy body size and do not need to lose weight — despite the fact that many have high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and diabetes. The results imply that physicians cannot assume that obese patients realize the health implications of excess weight.

The research involved members of the Dallas Heart Study. The study is tracking a cross section of almost 6,000 people in Dallas County, Texas, mainly from a largely minority and urban population. After asking participants to classify their body size as below normal, normal or above normal, the researchers found that about one of every eight people who were obese rated his body size as normal and healthy. Yet 35 percent of those who misjudged their body size had high blood pressure, 15 percent had high

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