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William Detmold: Looking deep into atoms' hearts

MIT physicist uses supercomputers to probe nuclei

11:00am, September 22, 2015
William Detmold headshot

ATOM EXPLORER  MIT theoretical physicist William Detmold uses supercomputers to probe the fundamental bits of matter that combine to form the nuclei of atoms.

William Detmold, 40
MIT | Nuclear Physics
Graduate school: University of Adelaide, Australia 

William Detmold exposes matter at its most fundamental — with the help of some serious processing power.

The MIT theoretical physicist uses supercomputers to simulate how parcels of matter far too small to be seen through a microscope bind together to form the nuclei of atoms. His research complements findings from particle physics facilities such as the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva. Detmold’s simulations could also point physicists toward undiscovered varieties of matter.

Detmold grew up in Adelaide, Australia, hooked on

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