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  1. Math

    Scooping the political pollsters

    Who will win the election in November? A technique from baseball stats may predict the answer.

  2. The ultimate poker face

    Two professional poker players will take on a computer, and this year the computer could win.

  3. Math

    The tell-tale anecdote

    During the whole of a dull, cramped and wearisome flight from Israel to New York, as the night pressed heavily against the airplane windows, Ariel Rubinstein had been toiling through a singularly dreary article on game theory; and at length the economist found himself, as the sharpness of his focus waned, seeking respite from the […]

  4. Astronomy

    Accidental astrophysicists

    MATH TREK: The mathematicians thought they'd just extended a fundamental result in algebra, but it turns out that they'd also proven a conjecture in astrophysics.

  5. Math

    Gender equality closes math gap

    Research shows that the greater the gender equality in a country, the more equal the math scores between boys and girls.

  6. Math

    Communities of Communities of …

    A new approach to network theory focusing on the subcommunities within networks may shed light on everything from food webs to terrorist cells. It may even act as an oracle, helping scientists identify connections within a network they haven’t yet seen.

  7. Math

    Detangling DNA

    Deep inside our cells, the DNA that encodes the mysteries of our individuality twines into tidy little spiral staircases neatly side by side — or so we might imagine. A KNOTTY PROBLEM Bacterial DNA is joined at the two ends, forming a circle. This electron microscope image shows circular DNA that has formed the simplest […]

  8. Math

    The squint method of data analysis

    Mathematicians discover a Klein bottle hidden within the data underlying photographs

  9. Math

    Sensitivity to the harmony of things

    The work of Alexandre Grothendieck has transformed math the way the Internet has transformed communication: Once you’re used to it, you can’t imagine what life was like before it.

  10. Math

    Insights into symmetry

    This year's Abel Prize goes to mathematicians involved in group theory.

  11. Math

    Still debating with Plato

    Mathematicians debate whether mathematical truths are discovered or invented.

  12. Math

    The Noisy Game of Baseball

    Predicting a baseball player's future batting average (and many other things) is not as simple as relying on past performance, mathematicians say.