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  1. Meat ants, Iridomyrmex purpureus

    Ant antennae provide chemical ID

    Ants use their antennae to identify nest-mates and potential invaders. But antennae also produce the key compounds that ants use to tell friend from foe.

  2. drug-making system
    Health & Medicine

    Fridge-sized contraption makes drugs on demand

    A new drug-making system rapidly produces a variety of medications on demand.

  3. drug-making system
    Health & Medicine

    Machine makes drugs on demand

    A new drug-making system rapidly produces a variety of medications on demand.

  4. sunlight
    Health & Medicine

    Environment still tied to MS risk

    50 years ago, scientists reported a possible connection between the environment and multiple sclerosis risk.

  5. 3-D reconstruction of ancient arachnid

    Ancient arachnid was almost a spider

    A newly discovered ancient arachnid might offer clues on spider origins.

  6. mouse tumor diagram
    Health & Medicine

    Cancer killers send signal of success

    Newly designed nanoparticles deliver anticancer drugs and updates on tumor death.

  7. a female burying beetle

    Female burying beetle uses chemical cue to douse love life

    While raising their young, burying beetle mothers produce a chemical compound that limits their male partner’s desire to mate.

  8. MRSA
    Health & Medicine

    Molecules found to counter antibiotic resistance

    Molecules made in a lab can foil antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

  9. satellite image of plankton in Arabian Sea

    Swirls of plankton decorate the Arabian Sea

    The dinoflagellate Noctiluca scintillans is taking over in the Arabian Sea, posing a potential threat to its ecosystem.

  10. mouse neurons

    Scientists still haven’t solved mystery of memory

    50 years have refined a basic understanding of the brain, but scientists are still exploring how memories form, change and persist.

  11. honeybee

    Mite-virus alliance could be bringing down honeybees

    Parasitic mites and a virus have a mutually beneficial alliance while attacking honeybees.

  12. Stinkbugs

    Eat your stinkbugs

    Prepared as a snack by some groups in southern Africa, the stinkbug Encosternum delegorguei is a good source of protein and antioxidants.