Sid Perkins

Sid Perkins is a freelance science writer based in Crossville, Tenn.

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  1. Archaeology

    Jamestown settlers’ trash confirms hard times

    Analyses of discarded oyster shells confirm a deep drought during the Virginia colony’s earliest years.

  2. Paleontology

    Octopus origins

    After examining more than 90 new specimens of Nectocaris pteryx, paleontologists put it near the root of the cephalopod evolutionary tree.

  3. Climate

    Oceans warmed in recent decades

    Measurements show a trend of rising temperatures along with a leveling off since 2003.

  4. Planetary Science

    Martian moon probably pretty porous

    Phobos may be a mass of rocky rubble, not a captured asteroid.

  5. Earth

    Earliest birds didn’t make a flap

    The feathers of Archaeopteryx and Confuciusornis probably were not strong enough to support sustained flight.

  6. Earth

    Archaeopteryx fossil seen in new light

    X-ray technique reveals original tissue in the feathers of a primitive bird fossil.

  7. Earth

    Gravity lows mark burial sites of ancient tectonic plates

    Dips in Earth's gravitational field are tied to 'slab graveyards'

  8. Paleontology

    Dinos molted for a new look

    In one species, adolescents appear to have sprouted a new type of feathers as they matured.

  9. Ecosystems

    Forests on the wane

    Early last decade, the world’s tree coverage dropped by more than 3 percent.

  10. Earth

    A fresh look at Mount St. Helens

    Nearly 30 years after the peak’s major eruption, recovery has just begun.

  11. Humans

    Water, water everywhere

    Sid Perkins uncovers the amazing amount of “hidden water” in many consumer products.

  12. Climate

    Alaskan peatlands expanded rapidly as ice age waned

    The rapid growth of Alaskan wetlands before 8,600 years ago was due to hotter summers and colder winters, which could spell trouble in a warmer world, a new study suggests.