Sid Perkins

Sid Perkins is a freelance science writer based in Crossville, Tenn.

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  1. Earth

    Africa’s bumper crop of dust

    Seafloor sediments show that agriculture has greatly boosted airborne dust in the last two centuries.

  2. Climate

    Methane releases in arctic seas could wreak devastation

    Warming climate could lead to dead zones, acidification and shifts at the base of the ocean’s food chain.

  3. Earth

    Moby Dick meets Jaws

    A recently discovered fossil demonstrates that giant whales weren’t always as gentle as they are today.

  4. Earth

    Antarctic shoal breaks the ice

    Instruments on a massive berg help pinpoint a previously unreported undersea ridge.

  5. Earth

    Even a newborn canyon is big in Texas

    A flood carved a surprisingly large gorge that may help understand features on Earth and Mars.

  6. Earth

    Planes can trigger snowfall

    Under certain conditions, aircraft can trigger precipitation as they pass through moisture-laden clouds.

  7. Earth

    Ancient marine reptiles losing their cool

    Warm-bloodedness may help explain the creatures’ evolutionary success, a new study suggests.

  8. Climate

    With warming, some commercial fish may boom and bust

    Higher temps in Arctic waters might be good for some species but not for others, new research suggests.

  9. Planetary Science

    Before the Mississippi, minerals show ancient rivers flowed west

    Michigan zircons uncover the path of an ancient river system across North America.

  10. Earth

    Hazy antidote to a faint young sun

    A new theory suggests atmospheric answer to the continuing paradox of why early Earth wasn’t icy.

  11. Archaeology

    Jamestown settlers’ trash confirms hard times

    Analyses of discarded oyster shells confirm a deep drought during the Virginia colony’s earliest years.

  12. Paleontology

    Octopus origins

    After examining more than 90 new specimens of Nectocaris pteryx, paleontologists put it near the root of the cephalopod evolutionary tree.