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  1. Health & Medicine

    No Peanuts for Your Peanut

    Youngsters are developing peanut allergies earlier because of exposures in babyhood.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Canadians Advocate Boosting Vitamin D in Pregnancy

    Higher vitamin D intake is recommended for pregnant women and nursing moms in Canada than for those in the United States.

  3. Agriculture

    Cleaning Up after Livestock

    Manure collection system sanitizes cattle wastes and makes hay—literally—while the sun shines.

  4. Tag! You’re It

    Biologists catch and tag big sawfish in Florida waters.

  5. Health & Medicine

    Troubling Meaty ‘Estrogen’

    High temperature cooking can imbue meats with a chemical that acts like a hormone.

  6. Health & Medicine

    Diminishing Obesity’s Risks

    Mouse data suggest that, properly managed, obesity can be benign.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Fattening Carbs—Some Promote Obesity and Worse

    Easily digestible carbohydrates induce obesity and liver disease in a test on rodents.

  8. Earth

    Don’t Bite the Dust

    Several studies show that children and adults accumulate substantial amounts of the flame retardants called PBDEs—from food, breast milk, and probably house dust.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Measuring Soft Drinks’ Jolt

    Researchers report what most soft-drink labels don't: how much caffeine your refreshments contain.