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  1. Ecosystems

    If you really hate a species, try eating it

    Dining on invasive fish such as snakehead and lionfish can reduce their numbers, but we can’t entirely eat our way out this problem.

  2. Genetics

    Finally, some solid science on Bigfoot

    DNA analysis finds no Bigfoot, no yeti, two weird bears and one scientist on a quest for the truth.

  3. Anthropology

    Neanderthals reveal their diet with oldest excrement

    50,000-year-old fossil poop hints at Neanderthals’ omnivorous, but meat-heavy, diet.

  4. Life

    Here’s the poop on getting your gut microbiome analyzed

    One Science News writer donated her used toilet paper for science and learned that microbiome research is as uncharted as the Wild West.

  5. Psychology

    Why stabbing a voodoo doll is so satisfying

    To measure how aggressive a person is, psychologists turn to voodoo dolls and hot sauce.

  6. Health & Medicine

    Urine is not sterile, and neither is the rest of you

    Despite what the Internet says, urine does contain bacteria, a new study finds. And so does your brain, the womb, and pretty much everywhere else.

  7. Animals

    Anemone eats bird, and other surprising animal meals

    A fuzzy green anemone eating a bird many times its size shows that you can’t take anything for granted when it comes to which animals can eat each other.

  8. Psychology

    Why every face you draw looks a little Neandertal

    Just about everyone draws faces with the eyes too high and a low Neandertal forehead, maybe because of the way we perceive the shape of the head.

  9. Psychology

    Leonardo da Vinci may have invented 3-D image with ‘Mona Lisa’

    A mysterious copy of the ‘Mona Lisa’ combines with the Louvre painting to make a stereoscopic image of the woman with the enigmatic smile.