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  1. Genetics

    Privacy and consumer genetic testing don’t always mix

    Interested in taking a direct-to-consumer genetic test? Here are some things you should know.

  2. Earth

    No, Kilauea won’t cause mass destruction

    A steam explosion at Kilauea isn’t anything like the explosive eruptions of certain other volcanoes.

  3. Science & Society

    An antiscience political climate is driving scientists to run for office

    Hoping to inject evidence-based science into policy, more scientists are putting their name on the ballot.

  4. Science & Society

    What we can and can’t say about Arctic warming and U.S. winters

    Evidence of a connection is growing stronger, but scientists still struggle to explain why.

  5. Math

    Forget Pi Day. We should be celebrating Tau Day

    Pi Day may be fun, but it’s based on a flawed mathematical constant.

  6. Computing

    Are computers better than people at predicting who will commit another crime?

    If crime-predicting computer programs aren’t any more accurate than human guesswork, do they still have a place in the criminal justice system?

  7. Science & Society

    4 questions about the new U.S. budget deal and science

    A new spending package could lead to U.S. science agencies getting a bump in funding.

  8. Science & Society

    Revisiting the science stories that made us cry, think and say ‘OMG’ in 2017

    Each year Science News selects the top stories for their importance and impact. But the staff’s favorite stories strike a different chord.

  9. Science & Society

    Parents may one day be morally obligated to edit their baby’s genes

    The CRISPR debate is moving from “should we or shouldn’t we?” to “do we have to?”