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  1. Animals

    Discarded COVID-19 PPE such as masks can be deadly to wildlife

    From entanglements to ingestion, two biologists are documenting the impact of single-use masks and gloves on animals around the world.

  2. Life

    Algae use flagella to trot, gallop and move with gaits all their own

    Single-celled microalgae, with no brains, can coordinate their “limbs” into a trot or fancier gait.

  3. Life

    Toxin-producing bacteria can make this newt deadly

    Bacteria living on the skin of some rough-skinned newts produce tetrodotoxin, a paralytic chemical also found in pufferfish.

  4. Materials Science

    This soft robot withstands crushing pressures at the ocean’s greatest depths

    An autonomous robot that mimics the adaptations of deep-sea snailfish to extreme conditions was successfully tested at the bottom of the ocean.

  5. Life

    A peek inside a turtle embryo wins the Nikon Small World photography contest

    The annual competition highlights the wonders to be found when scientists and photographers zoom in on the world around us.

  6. Animals

    Why some whales are giants and others are just big

    Being big helps whales access more food. But how big a whale can get is influenced by whether it hunts for individual prey or filter-feeds.

  7. Our brains, our futures

    Three visions of the future of neuroscience reveal the ways we might one day expand, link and heal our brains.

  8. Shaking up Earth

    Plate tectonics explained geologic wonders and natural hazards – and sparked questions about past and future life.

  9. Life

    The board game Oceans captures the beauty and ferocity of marine life

    North Star Games' Oceans refines the gameplay of its predecessor, Evolution, and creates an immersive, nuanced game world.

  10. Neuroscience

    Three visions of the future, inspired by neuroscience’s past and present

    Three fantastical tales of where neuroscience might take us are based on the progress made by brain researchers in the last 100 years.

  11. Animals

    These award-winning photographs capture rarely seen wildlife and landscapes

    Winners of the California Academy of Sciences’ annual photo contest dove deep underwater and hiked to great heights to create these striking images.

  12. Animals

    How a deep-sea geology trip led researchers to a doomed octopus nursery

    A healthy population of cephalopods could be hiding nearby, though, a new study contends.