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  1. Life

    Genetic tweak hints at why mammoths loved the cold

    An altered temperature sensor helped mammoths adapt to the cold.

  2. Paleontology

    Sudden heat spikes did in Ice Age’s mammoth mammals

    Abrupt warming and excessive hunting by ancient humans were responsible for the disappearance of many large mammals, including woolly mammoths, during Earth’s last glacial period.

  3. Earth

    Bringing mammoths back, life on early Earth and more reader feedback

    Readers debate the pros and cons of reviving extinct species, discuss the odd light-processing machinery of the eye and more.

  4. Paleontology

    Humans may have taken different path into Americas than thought

    An ice-free corridor through the North American Arctic may have been too barren to support the first human migrations into the New World.

  5. Animals

    Woolly mammoth DNA shows toll of low diversity

    A new sequencing analysis of two woolly mammoth genomes reveals evidence of genetic decline due to isolation and inbreeding just prior to extinction.

  6. Genetics

    Extinct species may get a second chance

    An evolutionary biologist explains the obstacles scientists must overcome to revive extinct species.

  7. Genetics

    DNA evidence is rewriting domestication origin stories

    DNA studies are rewriting the how-we-met stories of domestication.

  8. Archaeology

    Mystery still surrounds Neandertals

    Neandertals’ relationship to modern humans is still a matter of debate.

  9. Neuroscience

    Immune system gene leads to schizophrenia clue

    Excessive snipping of nerve cell connections may contribute to schizophrenia.

  10. Anthropology

    People roamed tip of South America 18,500 years ago

    Stone tools, charred animal bones and fire ash found at the Monte Verde site in Chile indicate people reached South America’s southernmost territory at least 18,500 years ago.

  11. Paleontology

    Baby mammoths died traumatic deaths

    CT scans show that two young mammoths probably suffocated.

  12. Anthropology

    ‘The Invaders’ sees dogs as key to modern humans’ success

    Neandertals went extinct when Homo sapiens transformed wolves into hunting aids, author proposes.