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  1. Animals

    A world of mammal diversity has been lost because of humans

    Humans have eradicated large mammal biodiversity in most regions of the globe, a new study finds.

  2. Paleontology

    Hippo history extracted from fossil teeth found in Kenya

    Fossilized teeth from the newly identified Epirigenys lokonensis, an ancestor of the hippopotamus, are filling in some of the mammoth mammal’s history.

  3. Archaeology

    Ancient bone hand ax identified in China

    People may have dug up roots with the 170,000-year-old bone tool, the first found in East Asia.

  4. Anthropology

    Clovis people may have hunted elephant-like prey, not just mammoths

    The ancient American Clovis culture started out hunting elephant-like animals well south of New World entry points, finds in Mexico suggest.

  5. Science & Society

    Science News’ favorite books of 2015

    The Science News staff offers its must-read picks of 2015.

  6. Animals

    Few humans were needed to wipe out New Zealand’s moa

    A new study finds that the Maori population was still small when it managed to drive several species of large, flightless birds extinct.

  7. Genetics

    When flowers died out in Arctic, so did mammoths

    Genetic analysis finds vegetation change in the Arctic around same time as megafauna extinction.

  8. Humans

    Year in review: Genes, bones tell new Clovis stories

    The genes and bones of the Clovis people reveal the range and legacy of the early North Americans.

  9. Plants

    Huge, hollow baobab trees are actually multiple fused stems

    The trunk of an African baobab tree can grow to be many meters in diameter but hollow inside. The shape, researchers say, occurs when several stems fuse together.

  10. Humans

    Year in review: Old humans reveal secrets

    DNA of the oldest modern humans is rewriting the prehistories of Europe, Siberia and the Americas.

  11. Paleontology

    La Brea Tar Pits yield exquisite Ice Age bees

    Ancient bee pupae snug in leafy nest give clues to Pleistocene climate.

  12. Tech

    English Channel tunnel

    First proposed in 1802 as a tunnel for horse-drawn carriages, the Channel Tunnel, or Chunnel, was built starting in 1987 and opened in 1994.