April 26, 2003 | Science News



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    Ancestors Go South

    A group of new and previously excavated fossils in South Africa represents 4-million-year-old members of the human evolutionary family, according to an analysis of the sediment that covered the finds.
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    Chicks open wide, ultraviolet mouths

    The first analysis of what the mouths of begging birds look like in the ultraviolet spectrum reveals a dramatic display that birds can see but people can't.
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    A Rocky Start

    A new origin-of-life theory holds that life began within the confines of iron sulfide rocks surrounding hydrothermal vents at the ocean bottom.
    15 years ago
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    Eye of the Tiger

    Recent research has upended a 130-year-old, previously unchallenged theory about how the semiprecious stone called tiger's-eye is formed.
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    Digital Cells

    Researchers are gearing up to create cells with computer programs hardwired into the DNA.