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  1. Computing

    Virtual Surgery

    Computer simulations of blood flow in the heart allow doctors to test surgical innovations before trying them on patients.

  2. Math

    Sensor Sensibility

    Networks of tiny computerized sensors that adjust their function as needed may soon pervade our environment.

  3. Math

    Big prize for unlikely research

    A New York University mathematician has won one of the highest prizes in mathematics for figuring out the likelihood of unlikely events.

  4. Math

    Functional Family: Mock theta mystery solved

    Mathematicians have solved a legendary Indian mathematician's final problem.

  5. Math

    Crafty Geometry

    By mastering traditional handicrafts such as knitting and crocheting, mathematicians are better able to understand complex surfaces.

  6. Math

    The Mind of the Swarm

    Mathematics is helping explain how animals form flocks, swarms, and schools.

  7. Math

    Fields Medals: Mathematicians win awards for geometry, physics, and probability

    Fields Medals have been awarded to four mathematicians, including Grigori Perelman, who proved a famous conjecture about the shapes of higher-dimensional spheres.

  8. Math

    Springfield Theory

    Over many years, the popular animated TV series The Simpsons has included numerous references to mathematics on the show.

  9. Math

    Pushing the Limit

    Scientists are moving closer to constructing superefficient, noisefree data-transmission codes.

  10. Math

    Pieces of Numbers

    A long-sought proof has forged an intriguing link between numbers expressed as sums and as products.

  11. Math

    Navigating Celestial Currents

    Mathematicians are creating an atlas of solar system highways along which spacecraft can coast using no fuel.

  12. Astronomy

    Moon story waxes fuller

    A new analysis may have put the final piece in the puzzle of how the Moon formed.