December 9, 2000 | Science News

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    Particle hunt off, collider comes down

    Despite tantalizing, last-minute hints of a long-sought, mass-giving particle called the Higgs boson, dismantling of the Large Electron-Positron collider has begun.
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    Marker signals esophageal cancer

    Silencing of the gene that encodes the cancer-suppressing protein APC is common in people with esophageal cancer, suggesting that physicians might use this genetic abnormality as a marker for the disease.
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    Is penicillin-allergy rate overstated?

    A study finds that 20 of 21 people who reported having a penicillin allergy when filling out paperwork during a hospital visit in fact don't have one, suggesting that the prevalence of this allergy is overstated.
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    More moons for Saturn

    With the discovery of two additional moons, the ringed planet now has a retinue of 24 known satellites orbiting it.
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    What a blast!

    Astronomers have glimpsed a rare, long-lived neutron-star explosion that may represent the burning of carbon just beneath the surface of this superdense star.