June 17, 2000 | Science News

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    Atom microchips get off the ground

    Becoming smaller and more versatile, microchips using atoms instead of electrons promise both to improve atomic physics experiments and to pave the way for new technologies such as quantum computers.
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    Super Bowls and stock markets

    The predictive power of the Super Bowl "theory," which involves an apparent correlation between stock market performance and the results of the National Football League championship game, has declined precipitously in recent years.
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    Pursuing punctured polyhedra

    A mathematician has proved that it's possible to construct a mathematical shape made up of flat faces and straight edges in which every face has a "hole" where the vertex of one constituent polyhedron pokes into the face of another.
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    Old lemming puzzle gets new answer

    A novel analysis suggests food supply variations as the answer to the decades-old puzzle of what makes lemming populations boom and bust.