June 26, 2004 | Science News



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    New pass at neutrino mass

    The first experiment to create neutrinos in an accelerator and then beam them a long distance has found a long-awaited, new form of evidence that those fundamental particles weigh something.
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    Cost of protecting the oceans

    Operating an extensive global network of marine parks in which fishing and habitat-stressing activities are restricted would probably be more affordable for governments than continuing to subsidize struggling fisheries at current levels.
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    Why the thinnest sticky hairs rule

    The foot hairs of geckos and other creatures that can walk on ceilings may be microscopic because only such slender hairs offer optimal adhesion, regardless of shape.
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    Beg Your Indulgence

    The Japanese concept of amae, in which one person presumes that another will indulgently grant a special request, may apply to different forms of behavior at different ages, even in Western countries.
    14 years ago
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    Thoroughly Modern Migrants

    Butterflies and moths are causing scientists to devise a broader definition of migration and this has raised some old questions in new ways.