Vol. 172 No. #19
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More Stories from the November 10, 2007 issue

  1. Tech

    Hooking up

    Cleverly designed molecules can self-assemble into networks and stay robustly connected.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Earache microbe shows resistance

    A strain of bacterium that causes middle ear infection is resistant to all antibiotics currently approved for the ailment.

  3. Earth

    Groundwater use adds CO2 to the air

    Pumping out groundwater for crop irrigation or industrial purposes releases planet-warming carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

  4. Health & Medicine

    Salmonella seeks sweets

    A sugarlike substance in the roots of lettuce may attract food-poisoning bacteria.

  5. Humans

    Burdens of knowledge

    Greater understanding of the role of genetics in human diseases presents scientists with ethical dilemmas.

  6. Health & Medicine

    Nongene DNA boosts AIDS risk

    People with a newly discovered genetic variation are more vulnerable to HIV infection.

  7. Doing the DNA shuffle

    DNA near the ends of people's chromosomes shows surprisingly large differences from the corresponding DNA in other great apes.

  8. Smarty Gene: Breast-fed kids show DNA-aided IQ boost

    Breast-feeding substantially boosts children's intelligence, but only if the youngsters possess a specific version of a gene involved in processing mothers' milk.

  9. Astronomy

    Ray Tracing: Energetic cosmic rays linked to giant black holes

    New observations suggest that ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays originate in the cores of nearby galaxies harboring supermassive black holes.

  10. Agriculture

    Silencing Pests: Altered plants make RNA that keeps insects at bay

    Engineered plants make genetic material that disables critical genes in insects that eat the plants, offering a possible new strategy for agricultural-pest control.

  11. Not Like Clockwork: High-fat diet disrupts daily routines of mice

    Fatty diets disrupt the sleep and metabolic cycles of mice by changing the activity of genes.

  12. Earth

    Yellowstone Rising: Magma floods into chamber beneath park

    Some parts of the terrain in Yellowstone National Park have been rising as much as 7 centimeters per year as molten rock wells up beneath the park.

  13. Ladies First: Genes skew sex ratios in evolutionary struggle

    A gene in fruit flies favors the birth of females, until another gene comes along to restore balance between the sexes.

  14. Animals

    Mr. Not Wrong: Not my species? Not a problem

    Female toads that accept mates of another species in tough times may be looking after their own interest.

  15. Health & Medicine

    Mother Knows All

    Fragments of a fetus' genetic material that leak into a pregnant woman's bloodstream reveal details of early fetal development.

  16. Ecosystems

    Tortoise Genes and Island Beings

    Geneticists and conservation biologists are joining forces to untangle the evolutionary history of giant Galápagos tortoises and to safeguard the animals' future.

  17. Humans

    Letters from the November 10, 2007, issue of Science News

    Thinking it through Bjorn Merker says that “the tacit consensus concerning the cerebral cortex as the ‘organ of consciousness’ … may in fact be seriously in error” (“Consciousness in the Raw,” SN: 9/15/07, p. 170). But the real tacit consensus is that the cerebral cortex is the organ of conceptual consciousness, of thinking and reasoning, […]