November 12, 2005 | Science News



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    Tusk analyses suggest weaning took years

    Changes in the proportions of various chemical isotopes deposited in mammoth tusks as they grew have enabled scientists to estimate how long it took juvenile mammoths to become fully weaned.
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    Mmmm, that's crunchy

    Isotopic analyses of the teeth of otters and mongooses from Africa have led one paleontologist to suggest that some of humanity's ancient kin shared those modern animals' preference for shelled prey such as freshwater crabs and snails.
  • Feature

    That's the Way the Spaghetti Crumbles

    Investigating how uncooked spaghetti breaks has uncovered new mechanisms behind shattering and energy concentration, with possible implications for how structures fail.
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    Runaway Heat?

    A variety of changes in the Arctic is making the region darker and accelerating its warming climate.